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My car (ID.3 First Edition) has been with Northampton VW for four weeks now with a battery fault identified after upgrading to V 3.2 They are waiting for parts from VW and told me today that it will be at least another two weeks before parts arrive and then goodness knows how long before they actually fix my car as they have 20 in the same state. It is not Northampton's VW fault. Fortunately I have a replacement EV from Enterprise although its only a Corsa. At this rate it looks as though it will need an MOT before I get it back! This is absolutely ludicrous. VW should stop building new cars until you have satisfied the spares backlog!

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Post by TimF »

Our ID3 (2021) had a full battery module check as a formal recall item twinned with the software upgrade (to 3.0, with 3.1 and 3.2 occuring OTA in the following days). Was the fault after 3.2, or identified during the 3.2 work?
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A week after I had the 3.2 update I started to get the dashboard warning about the electric drive not working correctly. They’ve since told me this will stay on until the battery modules are replaced, which I’m now in the queue for. She said if it’s driving fine with no issues then to just keep doing that, rather than leave it with them unnecessarily whilst I wait. They have 14 ID3’s on site doing that, and have been for weeks, whilst driving around in ICE courtesy cars. They’re estimating Jan/Fen for mine, so it’s just a waiting game.
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