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Post by philmason5 »

Can somebody please help
When I try and set up charging locations in my id3 it says this is not available yet - is this correct ? - I’ve asked my Vw dealership and they don’t know
The car has recently had the software updated to version 3.2
I’m having trouble trying to get the id3 to charge overnight between 11.30 and 5.30 when I have a reduced tariff - the only thing that seems to start the charge is to unlock and then lock the car - which is pain at 11.30pm!!
I have a pulsar plus Wallbox where I set up the charging times and ideally I would like to use the onboard system to set the charge time therefore avoiding any possible conflicts

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Post by sidehaas »

It shouldn't say charging locations are not available. Things I would run through are:
Check you have a decent internet connection.
If they exist, delete any charging locations that are already there.
Go to the in car shop and make sure you have downloaded weconnect and weconnect plus.
Go to the user menu privacy settings and make sure you've allowed permissions.
Try resetting the infotainment (press and hold infotainment on/off button for 15-30 seconds until the screen resets).
Go for a drive around the block, lock the car, leave it for 15 minutes and come back.
See if any of those things have sorted it out.
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Post by StewartManley »

Make sure location (GPS) is on. Pull down the notification shade and, if necessary, swipe to find it.

Once you have it working, delete the schedule from the Wallbox
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Post by Trilby »

Maybe reducing the places where there are schedules. With my charging, I let the charger do the scheduling, not the car.
The car is set to suck power up to 80% whenever it can. It does mean I get a few notifications about not being able to charge when I connect once home, but then come 2am it kicks in and charges fine.

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Post by philmason5 »

Thanks all for replying to my charging issues
I think my first problem is that I cannot get an internet connection whatever I try
I have an appointment at the local Vw dealership on Tuesday to see if they resolve my issues
Thanks again
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