My Volkswagen app not syncing with car after 3 years

Faults and Technical chat for the Volkswagen ID.3
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I under stand you need a subscription after 3 years to enable functions such as starting and stopping charging, AC, etc, but the app is not even showing the charge level in the car.

Is this correct? I don't need to use any of the remote functions but it was useful to know how much charge the car had.

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I've had this with my 3 for the last few weeks and mines just over two years old. Annoying!
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Go to the in car shop (or the myvolkswagen website). Sign up for weconnect and weconnect plus contracts. You might find they are free. I haven't actually heard of anyone paying for them in an ID3 yet.
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Ye, mine too, ever since the car software "upgrade" on may 9, 2024
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