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Post by Savity » Wed Sep 15, 2021 12:27 pm

Hi All,

As part of my company salary sacrifice scheme, I get a company car, but can also select a second car, for partner/spouse. Next week we are taking delivery of a VW ID.3 Tour Pro S, Manganese. We ordered it in April, but couldn't take it for a test drive then due to Covid restrictions, but my other half was able to sit in a model in the showroom, and we watched plenty of videos before choosing the car.

We chose the Tour for the longer range. My other half will occasionally have to travel across the Pennines (Leeds to St Helens) for work. Just having the range to go there and back without charging was fairly important as she didn't want to have the anxiety of finding a charger. To be honest, it won't really be an issue as the M62 seems to have enough fast chargers for her to be fine charging to top up. Anyway it alleviated her fears.

We already have a Wallbox Pulsar Pro charger installed. I have a BMW 530e hybrid and am using that at the moment for my 19miles of electric range that means I pay much less tax.....

My initial question is..... What do we need to be setting up now or on day 1 to get the most out of the car... Technically I won't be the driver (although no doubt I will have to "test it out"), so everything should be set up for her. Do we need to get her a VW ID (Weconnect?) and download the WeConnectID app? I have asked the VW dealership, as their intro email had a load of links to what looked liked old tech, e-golf, connecting to mobile hotspot for internet connection etc... (I am not mistaken in thinking there's a data SIM that comes included that deals with network connections?)

I have also read that the seats might not have memory functions, despite the brochure clearly saying so. Should we fight that if that is the case? This is a company car salary sacrifice lease car, so we haven't purchased it through VW, so not sure who we'd complain about that to. The memory seat function won't be a big issue for us anyway.

So - any advice on initial setup to make sure we don't miss out on features or usage of the new car would be appreciated. I keep having to remind myself it's not my car.....

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Post by metcast » Wed Sep 15, 2021 12:34 pm

Set up the VW ID account and WeConnectID app. Download Zap-Map to look for chargers (if/when needed). There's a data sim so you don't need to do anything else. Maybe look through online manual.

Regarding memory seat function - depends on when you placed the order, if you placed it after the 1st July then it should certainly have it. I was reassured by VW Retailer yesterday that the car will have memory seats. Ours is also a salary sacrifice but ultimately I treat it like any lease and deal with the dealership who fulfilled the order. They should help you make the complaint to VW and get it sorted.

If VW plans to ship these cars without memory seats, they'll have lots of explaining to do - the memory seats are mentioned in the Jul, Aug and Sept brochures. False information that could have led to you making a decision on a purchase is false advertising.

Here's an in-depth video on the car -
ID.3 Max Pro Performance Makena Turquoise

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