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Hope you’re well.

I passed my driving test on Thursday (47 years old - yes I know why didn’t I do this sooner - I ask myself that question all the time)

I’ve been learning in a ID 3 that is 3 years old and I’m hoping to buy an ID 3.

I have a few questions hoping you can help me please, as my sister spooked me about a few elements of the ID 3:

1) Electric cars are unreliable and breakdown all the time a friend of her’s had an electric corsa and not enough trained mechanics to fix it and they were without a car for months
2) Does the ID 3 keep the value?
3) What’s the best option to finance the car - going with VW or with another providers?
4) Is there anything else I need to know ?

Sorry no one I know can answer my questions and a bit worried about going into the VW dealership and getting harangued into a sale.

Thanks in anticipation.


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They aren't unreliable. There have been some recalls that have meant some carsnhave been in the dealer a lot, but people were provided with courtesy cars throughout. If you buy a used one now, you can get one that has had all its recalls done (most have).
It is worth noting that diagnosis of faults is tricky because the platform is still quite new so it is probably a good idea to have a VW used car warranty.
It depreciates like any other car. Historic depreciation trends are uninformative because used prices went up above new prices for quite a while and then came down a lot to more sensible levels. If you buy now, prices are very good value so you probably won't lose too much overtime, but this all depends on the wider economy like any car.
Finance depends what deal you can get. If you buy an "Approved used" VW, they sometimes offer good finance deals (I bought an ID4 recently and approved used was by far the best way to do it, but their interest rate has gone back up a bit since); you also get a two year warranty and some other bits included. But their finance deals vary month to month and the sticker price of approved used will probably be slightly higher than the cheapest car supermarket.

Other things- just make sure the car is on the latest software (3.2), has already had all its recalls completed (do not accept a dealer telling you that they'll complete them for you before handover) and has no warning lights on the dash during a test drive. Otherwise, just basic checks you would do on any used car - plenty of websites around can advise you on a list of stuff.

They are great cars and you have been properly spoiled learning to drive in one! :) I hope you enjoy your car and maybe persuade your sister how great they are too.
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I can only comment on your first point as not had experience of the others. I’ve had my ID3 for just over 2 years now, from new-and it has been reliable. It has never let me down.
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