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Post by G43FAN » Wed Sep 15, 2021 11:21 am

I've posted previously but have seen a few questions about Zappi charging appearing in threads off topic.

I'm not claiming to be an expert but I beleive it works something like this.

As I saw it, In the Zappi app under Charging Mode the FAST, ECO and ECO+ modes are if you like, immediate charge settings. The Zappi will start charging as soon as you plug it into the car if the required criteria are met.

1. If you set he mode to FAST you'll pull 7.4kW from wherever it can be obtained (Grid and/or PV)
2. If you use ECO you'll charge at a minimum of 1.4kW and uses energy from the Grid and tops up with excess Solar. so potentially 2.4kW if you had 1.0kW excess solar generation available.
3. If you use ECO+ is only uses excess Solar although there is a slider to allow you to determine how much of the energy comes from Solar versus Grid.

(*1.4kW is in the standards for BEV charging as the minimum input allowed*)

Then there is the BOOST function which has the scheduled timing. Under this I have set a Boost to run from 00:30 for 4 hours, you can also specify how many kW the boost should give but it also only charges to whatever the car battery limit is (e.g. 80%).
If you plug the car in with the Mode on Eco+ and there is no Solar excess there is no charging, until at 00:30 when the Boost kicks in and charges for the set duration or until the upper charge limit is reached (as defined in the car e.g. 80%).

I have mine set to Boost every day of the week in the schedule, so any time I plug in I should get free Solar PV charging when available and then the boost overnight at cheap rate to finish off up to 80% (or higher if required). These settings don't give the option to charge to a particular % SoC by a particular time and I believe from my reading into this that it is because the car does not give it's SoC to the charger.

As I see it currently for me with excess SOLAR in the lighter months there is almost no need to use FAST mode as if I want the full 7.4kW regardless at any time you can just Boost it from the app.

I am going to have a play with the SMART setting at some point but haven't managed it yet.


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