VW Removing ID.3 from Motability?

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Post by Utumno » Wed Nov 24, 2021 11:06 pm

Saw this on WMCF - https://forum.whichmobilitycar.co.uk/fo ... ll-tiguan/
Update 24 November 2021: all derivatives of ID.3, ID.4 and Tiguan will be removed from the Motability scheme from Tuesday 30 November 2021 at 5pm, due to high levels of orders.
We want to give you as much notice as possible for you to close down all open enquiries, get orders onto SLI and applications on the Motability portal by the end of 30 November at 5pm..
If there's anyone thinking of waiting until 1-Dec to order their Motability ID.3, I would consider getting your order in sooner.
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Post by StuartT » Thu Nov 25, 2021 6:06 pm

I have to say that, sadly, this isn't too much of a shock; the whole car industry is in a bit of turmoil and it's finally caught up with Motability. You're normally told three months before the end of the three-year lease that you can order your new car and it used to be enough time, but, in these times, that's appears to no longer be the case. This means they have to let you keep your existing car, for heaven knows how long, and by the time you swap cars instead of a 3 year old car for them to sell it's that much older and worth less. Their tried and tested business model has had a massive shake-up and the new landscape looks very different; it's just another layer of frustration, for all those who will be affected, and I don't profess to know the answer.
It REALLY makes me appreciate that I got lucky with the timings of the return date of my old car (I'd kept a Golf for 5 years because I liked it so much, but it appears that this is only works for them if there's not many people doing it), being able to place an order for a new car just as the ID.3 appeared on Motability, and having sensible delivery times - about 18 weeks from order to delivery.
Hopefully, things will get back to some sort of normal in time, after these strange/frustrating times we are going through, and I genuinely feel for all those who are having to wait a crazy amount of time (compared to how it used to be), in order to get an ID.3
Here's hoping that this current mess is sorted out sooner rather than later and I'm sure that VW and Motability will agree...
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Post by Newfie » Thu Nov 25, 2021 6:22 pm

Back ib July Motability removed Golf's, Tiguan's & T Roc from the scheme.
They returned to the scheme some 8 eeeks or so later but with less choice in each of the models except the T Roc did not return due to facelift due out very soon.
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