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Post by Daveion » Wed Dec 22, 2021 4:26 pm

I noticed this morning before I set out early that my SoC was dropping as I was preheating.
Easily done. The car was plugged in but outside its schedule and I forgot to turn it off.
The SoC was at 78% when my podpoint switched back on to charge with only 12 minutes of preheat remaining.
The data was interesting.
It was charging at 2kW from a 7kW charger.
The batteries were cold. It had been sitting at -3C overnight and the car not used for 2 days.
When I got in the car the preheat was great, 20C and no ice or condensation anywhere. What was a surprice is that the battery green bar was full !!
So in 12 mins the missing 5kW I can only guess preheated the batteries whilst charging that final 2%.
On similar days the green bar would be just over halfway and a fair few miles needed before it reached fully solid.
I was wondering whether there would be any benefit in range if I repeated the mistake on cold mornings
Its easy to set up and only seemingly needing 12 mins or maybe less to preheat the batteries.
Anyone else done this?
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