Charger network in Europe. Watch out in Italy

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Post by duckworthsj » Sat Aug 06, 2022 5:25 am

Some of you maybe thinking your EV needs a holiday in the sun. So what about charging using the WeConnect card.

I live and travel a lot in France, S Germany and Switzerland and I have had no issues with WeConnect. I don’t like the software because it doesn’t locate all of the chargers but starting the charge using the RFID card is never a problem. I have the ChargeMap card and app. because it gives me more charging options and is easier to use.

Warning for Italy!
Just done a 1000km drive to Abruzzo region and have experiences some big problems when south of Bologna.
1) The number of high speed chargers, even on the autostrada service areas and major towns drastically reduces.
2) None my RFID cards (VW, Mini, ChargeMap) do not seem to work. The Enel-X 22Kw network you find in many of the towns is particularly bad. But same with the BeCharge
3) The Enel X network uses the JuicePass cards or App, but downloading and activation is not straightforward. The QR codes on the chargers also lead to a ‘page not found’.

I had a particular ‘stressful evening’ in Ancona finding a charger with only 50km range left.

I have been very lucky that my Mini Charge App has allowed me to activate the BeCharge chargers via the App without the card. It has worked flawlessly.
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Post by ajf » Tue Aug 09, 2022 3:17 pm

Hi Duckworthsj,

Thanks for the info. I am due to go to Austria later this year and have noted your comments above.

I have just downloaded the Chargemap app and, following your words, I will order a card too, as you stress that is useful

Am I right that the WeConnect card carries a monthly subscription?
If so, do you effectively get that back through cheaper charge rates?
Did you ever use Ionity?

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