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Post by colonelpurple » Wed Sep 15, 2021 9:37 am

At first I used to fight lane assist, but now I go with it and find it quite helpful

Some things I do:
1. Always signal when changing lane, this switches its lane warnings off temporarily
2. Less enthusiastic on fast cornering if impediments in road (e.g. road works)
3. Extra careful if road narrows alot
4. Hold wheel with both hands or very firmly with one, when going on motorways, and generally over 30

A few times i have drifted out of lane and its slight nudge to get back into the lane has actually been quite helpful

The car has slammed on emergency braking for me once. I reverse very fast onto my driveway, and I know when to stop a few inches from the garage door :) The car took offense to this and slammed on the brakes, so I go in slower now ....

I do often get the red "obstacle ahead warning" , but this is unavoidable sometimes in congested town driving

No doubt it will be improved with software updates, but I can say now its on balance a positive of the car
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