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Post by AnslowJA »

I have belatedly discovered that my ID3 is useless for transporting a kayak. Can't fit roof rack. Can't tow. Any advice? If not I will have to sell it and warn prospective buyers,

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Post by sidehaas »

Lack of a roof rack is indeed a shortfall of the car. There is no way to transport a kayak. Unless you get the transport hitch on the back there is also no way to take bikes or extra luggage. My biggest regret about our ID3 (great as it is) is not optioning the transport hitch. A retrofit costs much more.
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Post by Gwyver »

Check out the Handirack from HandiWorld.com.
If you are only transporting your kayak occasionally and not taking it on extended journeys this may fulfil your requirement
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Post by MotMot »

It does take roof bars - there are several threads on here about them likely from a couple of years back. But lots of debate as to whether or not they invalidate your insurance.

I’ve a pair - they work great - but I hardly use them.
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Post by DumfriesDik »

I see an inflatable kayak in your future . . .
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