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Hello fellow VW drivers. I’m expecting delivery of a brand new ID3 in next couple of weeks. I’m swapping my company VW Polo for a company ID3 as the monthly cost is very low and I really want an electric car. I wanted to ask about the interior comfort pack specifically. I’ve ordered a stock pre ordered car from Tusker which comes with the standard interior comfort pack as an option. Can anyone tell me is the Art Velours seating material a leather type suede affair? I only noticed it yesterday when checking my order that it was included and am curious as to what it actually is? Also anyone got the heads up display and is it any good?

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Hi and welcome,
Not sure about the seats but the heads up display is excellent even driving into bright sunlight, enjoy the car :)
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The Arts Velour is a micro fibre type fabric. Looks a bit like suede but with a slightly longer pile. On ours it forms the inner panel of the seat base and back. Comfortable and grippy. It’s light grey but easy to clean.
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