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van staar wrote: Wed May 22, 2024 10:43 am That's the dealer response below, i asked 3(!) times what SOH was!

You obviously need to ask the question a different way. I have had a battery certificate from that very dealer for an ID.4 (not the one I bought).
I would guess the sales rep doesn't know what you mean by state of health - most of them know almost nothing about batteries and that email is a perfectly reasonable response to the literal meaning of the words.
I would go back to them and clarify that you'd like to see the battery certificate that is produced for approved used cars showing remaining battery capacity and related data.
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Hi everyone!

As from yesterday, We are a happy owners of 77kwh ID3! Let's see how it goes, but very positive impression so far. Comparing to our old EV (MG5), ID3 feels a little bit more sporty, at least the suspension, in terms of acceleration very similar to MG. Driving back from the dealer, the road was quite busy and with all the roadworks the trip was on a slower side, hence the impressive 4.7m/kwh, but anyway, in more day to day conditions i think 280-290miles is achievable, which is 30% more than MG5. The specs are quite a bit better than MG and i absolutely love the head up display!

Thanks everyone for your help!!!


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