delayed charging to benefit from cheaper electricity

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Post by NpID3 » Mon May 03, 2021 8:06 am

The timed charging via “location” is the way to go but when you’re setting the times scroll down to find “charge immediately to “ and pull this back to 80% from the default 100. This setting seems to override the usual charge setting so if you want 80 set it here. I’ve yet to get the charge to stop at the end of my cheap time, 4:30am.

If you’re a podpoint customer the latest app version enables timed charging which works ok, however if you want to plug in the night before you need a “fake” time setting for that day as well as the real setting for the following morning otherwise it starts to charge on plug in. At least this does stop at the set time.

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Post by Scottyb » Sat Jan 15, 2022 12:27 pm

Has anyone solved this yet?
This is my take it-

The 0-50%
If you make this above 0 the car will charge immediately to the amount set.
So to just charge at night leave at 0


This seems to be the delayed part so if you set this to 80% it will stay off until the evening and charge to 80%.

You can set the times to charge in the evening like from 11-7
But the departure time seems to be the issue.
If you then Set the departure time for 9 it will calculate back from 9 how much is needed and when to start. So if it calculates it needs to charge from 6 it will cut out at 7, leaving an uncharged battery. It doesn’t just come on at 12 like other models.

I would leave the dep time earlier.
Example. Time to charge is 12-8, departure 7.

VW could have made this much clearer to use and made 2 options 1. Immediate charge 0-100% and 2. delayed 0-100% (not 50%)and a ON time for the overnight usage.
It should really come on at 12 and cut out when done.
On other cars you can set the heater to come on separately to charging.
Hope this helps.

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Post by Deleted User 192 » Sat Jan 15, 2022 4:07 pm

VW know it doesn’t work like they meant it to, they have said the 3.0 software will include a fix.

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