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Post by Ricky »

In my previous car, BMW Mini, when the key fob battery needed replacing there was a warning message on the information/car status display. Does the same functionality exist on the id.3?
I cannot find it but that might be just because I do not know where to look!!
Had real trouble accessing the car when the battery in the key fob failed so it would be good if VW provided this function.

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Post by Deleted User 314 »

Yep, it told me I needed to change the battery just last week.
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Post by Hoppy »

Unfortunately there was no warning on ours and fob died at most inconvenient time!

Have set reminder in calendar to change !
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Post by NoddyNinja »

Anduain wrote: Thu Dec 08, 2022 5:12 pm Yep, it told me I needed to change the battery just last week.
Was this a message on the infotainment screen
Is yours keyless entry
Did you have to set something to get the warning
Apologies for all the questions, mine packed up last week and couldn’t get in the car, fortunately I was home and the spare key worked. Replaced battery and all good with both fobs now.
Would have been a big problem if had been away from home, so warning would be useful.
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Post by the.kes »

Replaced my battery last week when it failed to open with the keyless proximity system, there was a light flashing on the fob, not good after only six weeks. Unaware of any message on the car but I just decided to play it safe.
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Post by Skinnpops55 »

The car told me mine was failing and I had both key fobs done at 2 year service. They had lasted 23 months. I thought that was not bad.
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Post by JimG »

Always keep a spare battery in the glove box! You can gain entry with the metal key in key fob and then easily find the spare battery to get you going.
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Post by Ricky »

No message on my car and I looked in the vehicle "wallet" and there appears to be no warning for the key fob battery. I was embarrassed as I couldn't open the car so used the manual key and the alarm went off in the centre of Bristol! Then the car wouldn't go as I assume it thought it was being stolen. Had to ring the local dealer and, after some experimentation, putting the fob in the cup-holder and pressing the metal button on the side of the steering column reset everything. Changed the battery straight away and all fine now. Stuck a label with battery change date on both the fobs and will change every 2 years. Not very cool but sometimes it just has to work that way!!
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Post by Ricky »

This was the message from VW:

Thank you for contacting Volkswagen Digital Services.

We would like to let you know that there is no indication of the FOB battery level or near expire from the We Connect ID. app or your Volkswagen ID.3.

It is always a pleasure for us to receive suggestions for improvement and we will gladly forward your suggestion to the responsible department.

It is our aim to provide products and services that stand for the highest levels of customer satisfaction. This is why we continuously work on improving our products and extending our services for you.

We remain at your disposal for any further inquiries you might have. You may reply to this e-mail or call us on our direct line 0800 – 2797508 (around the clock, 7 days a week). We kindly ask, that you indicate your reference number: 0001624698 for a quick follow-up.

We hope you continue to enjoy the We Connect services and your Volkswagen ID.3.

Your Volkswagen team
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Post by steviebabes »

One of our key fobs stopped opening the doors yesterday but would still allow the car to start so I assume this takes less power. The LED didn't light up at all but I hadn't noticed it. Luckily the car was at home so we had the spare key. Battery replacement was very easy and took about 5 minutes. The car and key fob batteries are 16 months old so I don't think that's too bad.
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Post by AndyMorgan »

My key hasn't opened the car for a few weeks now, unless I use the 'manual' key & set off the alarm before turning the motor on & blipping it inside. It does work after driving it for a bit, though.
Car just told me yesterday 'key fob battery low'. Car is over 2 years old - is that reasonable?
Spare fob also not working, strangely.
Getting C2032 batteries today (hopefully).
Will change both fob batteries & see if that fixes it.
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Post by phixion »

Mine didn't let me know, it just stopped working as well as it used to.
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Post by G43FAN »

I think most people have detected a change in performance and gone down the battery change route long before the car gets round to telling you the battery needs replacing. Also despite one key getting 95% of the use, I replaced both together as they were at a similar state of charge/voltage.
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Post by AndyMorgan »

It worked!
I also changed batteries in both fobs. Best be safe.
No more announcing to the neighbours when I'm about to use my car :-)
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Post by Midgex »

One of ours wouldn't unlock the whole car today, but did unlock the boot/hatch.
I tried the demountable metal key, and that didn't work, so it may be worth checking yours before need appears!
The other fob worked fine.
And with a new 2032 battery I think the first is cured.
Car new from showroom, so perhaps 18 months of fob use.
Mercedes liked to change the fob batteries each year, a habit I think I'll adopt.
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