Definitely Cruise control “detects” 100mph in UK!

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Post by andrewtc »

I couldn’t believe it but I did the route again with my son as a witness, where M11 turns into A14 the cruise control detects 100mph limit (definitely not kph) and tries to accelerate up to it. Next time I will get him to photo it.

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Post by sidehaas »

There are some MSA exit slip roads where this happens. Not just ID3, I've seen 100 detected in work hire cars from other brands too. If you have speed limit preview turned on and having to cancel it bothers you, then you can just turn it permanently off.
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Post by ar76 »

I drive this route a lot. I have never had it go to 100 but sometimes it drops down to 40mph and starts braking for no reason when the limit is 70mph, and I have to keep overriding it.

So - dodgy map data?
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