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Post by iovlui »

Hi, I have a new ID.3 and, after a few days, I don't know why the driver's side window stopped working in automatic mode and consequently it doesn't work as well as lowering or raising the four windows by holding down the relevant button on the remote control.
I did the method indicated in the manual but it doesn't work.
Is there a reset and programming mode not indicated in the manual?
What happens if I disconnect the 12V battery? Does the window control system reset?

Thanks to anyone who can give me a hand.

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Post by Big_GT »

With Ignition on and foot on brake to start the car, pull the drivers window switch up and hold for 10 seconds, then press and hold down until the window is completely opened then hold in down position for 10 seconds. This reset my window after it lost one touch function when the car was in for warranty work.
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Agree with what Big GT said (you don't need your foot on the brake the whole time, just to turn the car on). If it doesn't work first time, do it again and hold for a bit longer. I have always brought them back up at the end and held the switch for 10 seconds there too, but perhaps it isn't necessary.
This resets the windows in some way, it's the same on many VAG models - my 2014 Octavia has the same solution to the same (occasional) problem.
It's also what you need to do if you have an OTA update and the car won't let you initiate it because it thinks the windows aren't shut.
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Post by iovlui »

I've tried several times but it doesn't work.
I think it's a software bug. I'll have to take it to the auto workshop.

software 3.7
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