Ordered a new ID.3

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Post by Gewitwel »

Hey everyone,

I am Gewitwel from the Netherlands.

I ordered the car as below:

Colour:  Kings Red Metallic
Interior:  ArtVelours, black-gray

Options and accessories:
• Variable loading floor
• ArtVelours, black-grey
• Assistance Package Plus
• Interior Style Package

It will be delivered around week 39 and after testdriving I really cannot wait.

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Post by DumfriesDik »

Welcome and I hope the car arrives with you soon.
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Post by shire-dweller »

Well done Getwitwel! 👍 I live in the UK but as it happens, last week I drove my ID.3 to the north of the Netherlands on holidays (over 1,000 miles return), taking the ferry from Harwich to the Hook of Holland, then driving to the Groningen area. Such a beautiful place, everything so neat and orderly!

I got to test Plug & Charge for the first time — successfully at Ionity Peterborough (UK), Ionity Cambridge (UK) and twice at Ionity Bodegraven (Netherlands). I just plugged the cable and within about 30 seconds the car was charging, without having to use any card or app. 🎉 My billing setup is with Octopus Electroverse, and my home electricity bill already shows the charging transactions. I can also recommend the ABRP app to plan such long journeys.

Perhaps you will come and visit the UK when your car arrives. 😄
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